Secured Cash Loans Instant loans against your goods

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Secured Cash Loans

At City Cash we are here to help offer you the best secured cash loans that help cover your financial needs with competitive interest rates. We specialize in lending against cars, gold, house, land and electrical goods. We are flexible with our customers and will cater our loans to suit your needs. Our staff can also provide reminders of when loan repayments are due to ensure the best experience.

Our Loan Rates:

  • $5000 & Less – 25% Per Month
  • $5,000 – $10,000 –  20% Per Month (20% discount if redeemed within 7  days)
  • $10,000 & Over – $15,000 – 15% Per Month (20% discount if redeemed 7 within  days)


If you are unable to make the full payment to redeem your loan, you can choose to pay the interest only to extend the loan for another month.

Larger amounts, less interest. If you need cash for emergency finance, City Cash are here to help you. Call our team to see how we can help and to apply for a loan with us today!

Our Process

  • 1. Visit us
  • 2. We appraise your items and give you an offer
  • 3. ID Verification (100 points)*
  • 4. Instant cash $$$
  • 5. Repay your loan and take home your valuables

What You Will Need for ID Verification

You must have at least 3 forms of ID

(One form of photo ID is required)
  • Driver’s License

  • Passport

  • Birth Certificate

  • Medicare Card

  • Bank Card/Statement

Additional Services

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Secured Cash Loans Melbourne

Need A Secured Cash loans Melbourne? City Cash offer Secured Cash Loans Melbourne against anything of value inluding Car, Bikes, Trucks, Caravans, Scooters, Boats & Jetski’s.

So if you need an instant secured cash loans melbourne, Call us today.

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